"The Secret Notes: A Folk-Rock Journey from the Southwest of England" 

Jon Maybey – Guitar & Mandolin, foot stomper and ‘live’ loops 

Rosie Eade vocals, guitar, whistle, saxophone 

Marnie - Vocals 

Ben Weedon -Violin


Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Southwest England, The Secret Notes are a dynamic 4-piece folk-rock band that has been serenading audiences with their magical blend of original compositions, traditional tunes, and a sprinkle of well-known popular songs. This eclectic mix ensures that their live performances are both nostalgic and fresh, drawing in listeners from all walks of life. 

What sets this band apart is their innovative use of live looping, a technique that infuses their music with an irresistible energy. Audiences have the privilege of experiencing their performances in two distinct ways—either by getting lost in the intricate melodies and storytelling or by surrendering to the infectious urge to dance and celebrate life. 

Their musical journey has taken them to various stages, from festivals to weddings and parties. Regardless of the venue, The Secret Notes have a knack for captivating their audiences, leaving lasting impressions and cherished memories in their wake.