Jon Maybey, a seasoned guitar and mandolin player, has carved a distinctive niche in the music world with his innovative approach to instrumental performances. Armed with a looper and foot-stomper, Jon's original and traditional compositions combine elements of folk rock, reggae, blues, and Eastern European influences. 

With a musical style that is both atmospheric and rhythmically captivating, Jon's solo performances evoke a wide range of emotions within his audience. His artistry not only transports listeners to different musical landscapes but also ignites an irresistible urge to tap their feet and dance along. 

Beyond his skillful command over strings and rhythms, Jon's ability to seamlessly incorporate well-known and familiar melodies into his sets adds an extra layer of engagement and nostalgia for his listeners. This musical journey he crafts, rich in diversity yet unified by his expert musicianship, is a testament to his dedication and passion for pushing the boundaries of instrumental expression. 

From intimate venues to larger stages, Jon Maybey's performances resonate deeply with music enthusiasts and casual listeners alike, leaving an indelible mark that reflects his unique fusion of genres and his unwavering dedication to the craft of creating infectious and evocative melodies.

Jon’s musical output has been considerable since playing his first gigs with an 80s folk-metal band called Zeb Dragon. His interests veered toward classical guitar before studying Jazz, contemporary and popular music at Leeds college of music. After graduating, Jon formed the electro-folk fusion band Elephant Talk. They toured around Europe and the UK and recorded 5 albums, including a collaboration with Eddie Reader, vocalist with Fairground Attraction.

As well as a performer, Jon has always written music, and has continually aquired skills and interest in sound engineering and production. This in turn has led to collaborations in theatre, circus and dance productions where his roles include composer, producer, engineer and musical director.

He currently lives in Somerset with his family and dog.